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Utilities for Call Centers


Now you can convert your Call Flow Extracts into Microsoft Windows Help Files!


To install and run SiteHelp, follow the instructions below

bulletDownload and install SiteHelp - if the HTML Help Workshop cannot be found, you will need to download this before SiteHelp can complete
bulletIf the HTML Help Workshop from Microsoft is not installed on your PC,  it can be downloaded for free at
bulletRun SiteHelp from your Call Flow Extract Menu
bulletOnce complete, a shortcut to your help files will be placed under your Call Flow Extract menu
bulletYour new help files will be in the SiteHelp directory that is located where your current Call Flow Extracts have been placed. 
bulletEach file can be displayed on it's own, but to display all sites as you will need to view the file 'All Sites.chm'. 


bulletTo find out more about programming Windows Help Files, follow the Microsoft link above
bulletRemember: This is only a starting place for endless possibilities of full system documentation. Imagine linking all of your CMS dictionary names, PBX descriptions and other contact centres into one easy to find document. 
bulletBefore you take on this great task, contact us! Depending on your tasks, we may be able to create a complete self documenting system for you!


If you haven't already, download SiteHelp Now!



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