CMS Bulk Config
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  CMS Bulk Config - Finally a way to bulk load your Data dictionary items


bulletAdd / Change / Delete your CMS data dictionary configurations
bulletSynch your CMS data dictionary items with your PBX
bulletCreate a simple text file with each type of update and start saving hours of retyping!
bulletPass an Excel spreadsheet to your business and have them type in the CMS Names they would like to see. Receive the file from them and bulk load it!
bulletLoads the following types:
bulletAnnouncements Add
Announcements Modify
Announcements Delete
bulletLogin Identifications Add
Login Identifications Modify
Login Identifications Delete
bulletSplitsSkills Add
SplitsSkills Modify
SplitsSkills Delete
bulletVectors Add
Vectors Modify
Vectors Delete
bulletVDNs Add
VDNs Modify
VDNs Delete

With the new CMS Bulk Config utility, you can save hours of data entry, without the worry of typo's!




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