Comments Configuration

Adding additional comments to both your announcements and vectors can save administrators hours of figuring out vocab's or call flows.

These can be added in 5 simple steps!

Sample Announcement Configuration and Display Results

Here is what you will see in your announcement output

Now you have the exact reference to the VAL announcement board name, as well as the complete verbiage of what the announcement plays!


Full Name



In Secs
1 1 20025 Marketing Announcement Don't for get to check out the Call Flow Extract 5.0! Daytime 32 34
2 2 20001     Market 32 26


Sample Vector Configuration and Display Results

Here is what you will see in your vector output

Vector name, comments, modification lines, not only will this help you troubleshoot any production problems, but you will know exactly what this vector does, and why it was created!

Name: Transfer To External Vendor
Vector Comments:
This vector will transfer to an external vendor after 9pm. For futher reference see file: A Word Doc On your Team Drive!
or for their site information see Utilcall


09-09-2005 BM - Created Vector
10-25-2005 BM - Revised Vector due to business changes


    Number: 100              Name: Market CALLS   
Multimedia? n      Attendant Vectoring? n            Lock? n
     Basic? y   EAS? y   G3V4 Enhanced? y   ANI/II-Digits? y   ASAI Routing? n
 Prompting? y   LAI? y  G3V4 Adv Route? y   CINFO? y   BSR? y   Holidays? y
01 wait-time    0   secs hearing silence
02 goto         step   8  if holiday          in     table
03 goto         step   6  if time-of-day      is fri 17:00 to mon 07:00
04 route-to     number 1999             with cov y if unconditionally
05 stop       
06 route-to     number 4020             with cov n if unconditionally
07 stop       
08 messaging    skill 99  for extension 1212 
09 stop