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  DocIT is a new add on for the Call Flow Extract! With DocIT you have access to over 260 different PBX commands, which can be used to retrieve and document just about every configuration option available.

Avaya recommends keeping paper copies of the following:

Command Detail of each record
Stations Yes
Dial Plan  
System Parameters  
Feature Access Codes  
Data Modules  
Hunt Groups Yes
Trunk Groups Yes
Coverage Path  
Although this looks pretty a pretty simple task:
bulletimagine how long it would actually take you to print off just a detailed listing of each station configured on your system
bulletImagine printing this entire list
bulletImagine keeping that list up to date
bulletOr worst case scenario - Imagine a disaster situation and your only response is… ‘I didn’t have time to do it!’

With DocIT you can easily retrieve this data with just a few clicks of the mouse! Choose from 260 commands to download lists and detailed information of just about every area of your PBX.

Once you have completed your download, you can either load the text file into a word processor for printing, or view the HTML file and follow the links between lists, and their associated detail records.

Click here to see our sample

What else can DocIt do?

bulletDownload your 'list history', events, alarms and errors. With the built in ability to zip and timestamp your extracts, you no longer have to worry about losing this information
bulletSplit your large extracts into multiple HTML files
bulletCreate a windows Help File containing all of your DocIt extracts.


DocIT is a must have for PBX administrators. The better records you keep, the better able you’ll be to solve problems, reconstruct information, and make the best use of the features on your Definity system.


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