Find Unused Extensions
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  Find Unused Extensions - Another new add on for the Call Flow Extract!


bulletHave you ever needed to quickly find a group of unused extensions?
bulletHow easy is it for you to tell if someone has not followed your dial plan?
bulletHow much time are you spending on keeping your extension lists up to date?
bulletHow long is your process to gather this type of information and consolidate it into one spreadsheet?



  Quickly find out where all of your extensions are being used, and which extensions are free
bulletEnter your dial plan once
bulletShow extensions that are in your range, but should not be!
bulletChoose your report to show you all extensions, or just free extensions

With this utility, you simply enter your dial plan (once) and click the 'Get Unused Extensions' button.  Next, view your complete list showing you all of your free extensions, used extensions, and most importantly, point out extensions that should not be your ranges.

Click here to see our sample



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