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Utilities for Call Centers

bulletNeed more information on licensing?
    Our new bundles make it affordable for all users. From the single site switch with a single administrator, to a large multi site enterprise call centre with multiple administrators, this tool will pay for it self the first time you use it!
bulletOur standard pricing schedule has various options to address your
     specific requirements
Single User >2 Users > 10 users
Up to 5 Sites  $          799.00  $          649.00  $          599.00
> 5 Sites  $          899.00  $          799.00  $          749.00
> 10 Sites  $       1,099.00  $          949.00  $          899.00
> 20 Sites  $       1,299.00  $       1,099.00  $          999.00

Avaya partners and 3rd party maintenance providers please contact us directly at


We can provide custom pricing for enterprises with more than
6 sites and/or more than 10 administrators.


bulletMaintenance and Upgrades

Pricing for the licenses are based on 12 month usage of the tool.
Subsequent annual licenses are 50% of the original cost and entitles
the users to free enhancement upgrades and on going support.


bulletNew Features - how can you help?
bulletWe are always adding new features to our products!
Write us and let us know what you think should be added to our next version.
bulletDepending on your participation level in helping us add these new
features, you will most likely see them in the next release!



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