Mini Switch Audit
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  Mini Switch Audit is a new add on for the Call Flow Extract! With the Mini Switch Audit you are just a few clicks away from total optimization.


bulletHow well is your switch being utilized?
bulletDo you know where every announcement, hunt group and vector is used?
bulletAre you wasting resources by keeping things that are no longer required?
bulletDo you feel a lump in your throat every time you run 'Capacity' reports?
bulletDo you even have the time to check?


  Find out where your configurations are being used:
bulletButton Types
bulletHoliday Table
bulletNode Names
bulletHunt Groups
bulletCTI Links
bulletAll Extensions (agent login-ID, attendant, coverage, trunk, VDN)

With the Mini Switch Audit,  you can easily retrieve this data with just a few clicks of the mouse! Choose from one of the many commands to begin your audit.

Once you have completed your audit, simply open your HTML file and follow the links to see where your resources are being used.

Click here to see our sample

Now you can run your capacity reports with confidence!


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