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  Switch Trace - New to the Call Flow Extract!


bulletTracing switch information is a key tool for systems administrators
bulletManually tracing call flows is a slow and tedious task
bulletTracing often times out and needs to be restarted
bulletInformation on the screen must be pasted to a text file or it will be lost after the next page
bulletEver tried tracing a VDN and a Vector at the same time?


  With our new Automatic Switch Tracing utility you can now:
bulletSet the amount of times a trace should run
bulletRun a trace indefinitely, until you decide to stop it
bulletView you trace through each iteration
bulletSchedule your trace to run whenever you want
bulletTrace logs are saved in HTML format for easy reading
bulletIf you are using an IP switch, you can run Switch Trace multiple times to trace different events in your PBX, as they all happen

With the new Switch Trace utility, you finally have an easy mechanism for tracing and saving your switch information.

Click here to see our sample

Now you can trace your switch with ease!


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